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Everybody Agrees

Where Everybody is Your Friend to Your Face

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This is the LJ Community where everybody agrees. This is the community where you can post on any subject without any fear of people disagreeing with you. Here are the rules.

1.) No arguing. If you don't agree don't comment. All comments must be in agreement with the original post. If you want to disagree and be argumentative, please check out our sister community evrybdydisagree

2.) Anyone may post, but remember to be agreeable.

3.) Separate posts may express different opinions of the same topic (i.e.- One post may state "Puppies are cute", and the next separate post may state that "Puppies are ugly.") This is acceptable, unless the post directly disagrees with another (i.e.- "I disagree with the previous post about puppies.")

4.) Though we hope this won't become an issue, in the event of a conflict, you agree with the moderators: limpingpigeon and flewellyn.

5.) flewellyn always agrees with limpingpigeon